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How do we do this?

We are irrevocably on the path to a low carbon, smart energy world. This creates commercial opportunity - but also risk - for energy utilities, their suppliers and their customers. Distributed Energy Futures supports the leadership of businesses affected by the smart energy revolution in designing and implementing strategies to grow profitability through this change. Our particular areas of competence reflect key drivers of change in the market.

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June 2018

Are you an Energy Rule Taker or Rule Breaker ?

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Telecommunications is the foremost enabler of change upstream and downstream of the energy meter. We help communications industry players protect revenues and identify new profit streams in the energy industry.


We are energy industry specialists, working across the value chain to help businesses understand the change trends, create scenarios that underpin strategic planning and implement change effectively.

Technology Transition

We help businesses develop technology roadmaps in times of uncertainty. We help leadership identify the choices, decide when and how to invest and assess the impact of waiting.

Who are we?

Distributed Energy Futures is a consultancy dedicated to supporting business leaders manage the impact of the changes to the energy industry value chain. Our services range from scenario-based strategy formulation, strategy delivery through technology and large scale change management to due diligence, valuation, and financial forecasting. Our founders, whose pen pictures are shown below, along with our team of associates offer capabilities focussed around telecommunications, technology and the utility industries which we believe reflect the key drivers of change in the rapidly developing field of distributed energy.

David Stansell

Originally specialising in TMT, David has moved into energy to exploit his skills in supporting entrepreneurs and investors.
David’s specialities...

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Nick Fryars

Nick helps clients make step changes to their performance and scale to address changing markets and technologies. He has delivered 100+ projects, many...

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Adrian Cook

Adrian has over 20 years experience of change programs in electricity, gas and water utilities in the UK and the USA. He has been involved in all stages...

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DISRUPTION? The power of scenario planning in the intelligent management of change

Exciting times We live in the most exciting times humanity has perhaps known. Technology has the potential to enhance the lives of everyone on...

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