US East Coast Energy Utility

A US East Coast utility had decided to install Smart Meters for 400,000 gas and electricity customers. The IT system design was well advanced but little work had been done to understand the extensive business impact and what the change would mean for staff in field force, billing, call centre, revenue protection, system control etc.  At its simplest, the challenge was to change an organisation used to receiving one piece of customer data (the meter reading) every month at about 60% certainty, to receiving multiple pieces of data every 30 minutes at close to 100% certainty.  In order to ensure that the business case (required to justify the investment to the regulator) could be delivered,  the team redesigned the end to end detailed business processes and organisational structure in each of the affected areas. The team developed the detailed rollout plan and supported implementation to ensure roll-out on time and in line with the business case.