How Distributed Energy Futures can help

Distributed Energy Futures helps businesses in the energy industry design and implement transformational strategies:

  • Leadership Decision Support: We help business leaders make strategic decisions about possible futures, based on scenario analysis of the key drivers of change and the revenue and profit impact of each. We also help them think through the changed behaviours needed by leadership teams during times of uncertainty
  • Technology Roadmap: We help businesses analyse the impact that new technologies or new products and services will have – and when and how to invest in them
  • Change Management and Implementation: We help businesses understand the impact that change will have on their processes and organisation and work with them to design and implement new operating models

Who we work with

Distributed Energy Futures works with leaders of businesses affected by the changes in the energy value chain.  This includes:

  • Traditional utility businesses and new entrant energy providers
  • Providers of services including metering, demand response, balancing, aggregators etc
  • Manufacturers of electrical equipment from suppliers to utilities to white goods manufacturers
  • Telecommunications providers – and other enablers of the energy industry revolution
  • Investors and potential entrepreneurs who want help to understand the risks of investment