Leadership behaviours

Behaviours in times of uncertainty

Working with a Board at times of change can be tricky. On one occasion we were called to design and facilitate some change workshops with a senior team following the arrival of a new  CEO.  The surprise was that our workshops turned out to be only the second time the team had got together after the appointment of the new leader. To begin with, turf protection, resistance to change and lack of engagement was the order of the day. Poor behaviours under the stress of change had to be addressed before (and during) designing the new business model.

Energy leaders need to change behaviours

The next few years will see big change in the energy industry. The old certainties will crumble and agility and teamwork will become competitive weapons. Leadership teams will have to think about their personal and team behaviours in this environment. At DEF, we can provide leadership  with the tools for redesigning the business processes and organisation. And we can also help them think through their behaviours and challenge their embedded ways of thinking.